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NetworkPeninsula is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that supports more than 280 nonprofits across the Peninsula through continuing education, Board Training, networking, information sharing, and expanded outreach. Our programs are designed to help nonprofits build their capacity to remain sustainable and fulfill their missions effectively. 

Our mission is to raise awareness of the needs on the Peninsula, encourage involvement from community members & strengthen the nonprofits working to meet these needs.

Founded in 2007 as NetworkWilliamsburg, we changed our name in 2014 to NetworkPeninsula to reflect the growth of our programs that now support nonprofits in greater Williamsburg, Newport News, Hampton, Gloucester-Mathews, Poquoson, and surrounding communities. Today, NetworkPeninsula supports hundreds of nonprofits, helping them to expand their reach out into the communities in which we live, work, and play. We do this by connecting them to individuals, businesses, civic and faith-based groups and to opportunities and resources that can help them meet the growing needs of our neighbors.

Our vision is a strong nonprofit sector supported by an engaged public who recognize the value of nonprofits and the positive impact they make on the continued health of our communities.

We believe that a healthy nonprofit sector leads to healthier communities. We hope you will join us in supporting the nonprofits and causes that matter most to you. To learn how, click here.

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As we work toward our mission, our goals remain the same: to equip nonprofits with the tools needed to effectively fulfill their missions; and to create a Networked Community of stakeholders committed to ensuring their sustainability so they can continue to meet the growing needs of our neighbors.

  • Raising Awareness – we help build the capacity of nonprofits by expanding their reach out into the communities they serve and connecting them to opportunities and resources that can help them grow their organizations. Through our website and weekly E-Newsletters, we connect with hundreds of individuals, businesses, and civic and faith-based organizations across the Peninsula to let them know about the volunteer needs, item needs, and upcoming events of more than 280 nonprofits on the Peninsula.
  • Encouraging Involvement – we create opportunities for individuals, businesses, and civic and faith-based groups to support multiple area nonprofits, to increase their own outreach efforts, and to create meaningful change in our community. We offer Nonprofit Board Training Classes, annual Impact Forums, and networking opportunities for community, business, and nonprofit leaders to gather to discuss issues that impact our community. We also help groups coordinate collection drives, work days, and other service projects to match their interests to the needs of nonprofits.
  • Strengthening Nonprofits – we equip nonprofits with the tools needed to fulfill their missions effectively. Programs include monthly continuing education workshops, networking opportunities, a grants database, facilitation of discounts from area businesses, and annual Impact Forums to bring together business, community, and nonprofit leaders.


Community Connections Website and Weekly E-Newsletters for community at large to connect with local nonprofits to learn about their item needs, volunteer needs & upcoming events. Weekly Nonprofit Updates provide nonprofit members with news about upcoming workshops, items available, grant opportunities, and nonprofit news.

NEXT – Nonprofit EXcellence in TrainingWe have partnered with highly skilled professionals & educators to provide the NEXT Program – continuing education for nonprofit staff, Board members & volunteers. Workshops have been designed to help nonprofits take the NEXT step in growing their organization by increasing productivity & effectiveness & maximizing the impact they have on the community.

Our Youth Network is designed to encourage kids of ALL ages, and their families, learn the many ways there are to get involved in our communities. Youth Volunteer Opportunities are available from nonprofits across the Peninsula and updated throughout the year. We also include Collection Drive and other Service Project Ideas for getting involved, Scholarships available to youth involved in community service, Grants to complete community service projects, and much more!

Our Board Network includes our Nonprofit Board Training Classes designed to help community members better understand the roles, responsibilities, and rewards of serving on a nonprofit Board. A database of graduates is available to registered nonprofits looking for knowledgeable, committed, and productive Board members. Additionally, a closed online discussion group encourages graduates to continue to share ideas, ask questions, and network with each other long after their class ends.

Grants Database – with up to date grant opportunities, listed by program category, with direct link to RFPs.

Resource Library – access to relevant news, statistics, and the latest sector trends; as well as Job Openings available at local nonprofit organizations.


Karen Dutro, Founder & Executive Director
757-886-6944, email

In our work to create a “Networked Community”, we invite members of the community to join us who are interested in helping to bring nonprofits, businesses, individuals, civic and faith-based organizations together to create win-win opportunities and bring about lasting change. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us.

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