Board Development Series

Join NetworkPeninsula for this series of workshops designed to help Board members and staff move their organizations forward together. Join us and get the tools needed to build your nonprofit’s capacity! Open to Board members and Staff.

In addition to these follow on classes, NetworkPeninsula also offers individualized Board training to full nonprofit Boards. The training is designed to EDUCATE, EQUIP, AND EMPOWER Board members; enabling them to help their nonprofit continue to make an impact on the community. To learn more about these individualized trainings, click here.

Board Development Series – Board Succession Planning
Friday, October 6 – 11:30 am – 1:30 pm – Newport News
Amy Nisenson, Amy Nisenson Consulting and Executive Director of Mary Morton Parsons Foundation. Are you always thinking “who is going to be our next Board Chair? Vice Chair? If so, this two-hour workshop will help you take a proactive approach to board officer succession planning. The workshop will cover how to plan for board officer succession, how to identify leadership qualities and elect the best candidates for the positions. We will also discuss leadership roles and job descriptions and other best practices in board officer governance. TO REGISTER, click here.

Additional workshops are also offered throughout the year. Workshops are free for representatives from nonprofits with FULL memberships with NetworkPeninsula, or discounted at $20 for graduates of our Board Training Classes. Workshop fee for all other Guests and non-members is $25 per workshop. For payment (where applicable), see below.

Where applicable, payments can be mailed to: 2 Bernardine Drive, Newport News VA 23602; or paid online, using our secure Paypal link below.

Workshops & Seminars

Previous Workshops:

Board Development Series Financial Oversight for Board Members: Understanding What the Numbers Mean
Randy P. Howard, President, 501 Advisors is coming back for Part Two! After a successful workshop on the Fiduciary Responsibilities of Board Members, Randy will return to provide a deeper dive into financial oversight. Not every nonprofit Board Member arrives with a deep appreciation for, or even a passing familiarity with, financial reports, yet each carries a fiduciary responsibility to ensure that resources are deployed appropriately. Even more importantly, Board Members are the primary advocates for the organization, and must be prepared to tell the organization’s story – including the ‘financial story.’ For new and experienced Board Members, enhance your understanding of your role in the dynamics of nonprofit finance.

Board Development Series Fiduciary Responsibilities of Nonprofit Board Members
Randy P. Howard, President, 501 Advisors. Nonprofit Board members serve as stewards of the public trust and are expected to oversee the affairs of the organization in a manner consistent with that level of trust.  This includes not only financial accountability compliance, and governance, but also strategic thought for how best to accomplish the organization’s charitable purpose. In this workshop, nonprofit staff and Board will learn how Board members can fulfill the nine areas of fiduciary responsibility they hold as a nonprofit leader.

Board Development Series Building, and Keeping, the Powerhouse Board*
Presented by Drucker & Falk Real Estate. Join us for our 100th Workshop with Jane Stein, JPS Consulting, to learn how to build, manage, and keep the best nonprofit board! For Executive Directors, learn what you can do as an Executive Director to build and manage a Powerhouse Board. For Board Leadership, learn the skills and secrets to developing a Powerhouse Board. Included in the session will be: Just what does the word ‘governance’ really mean? What are the real roles and responsibilities of my board? How can I get my board to participate in fundraising? How can we evaluate our work as a board? For All, learn what makes a board successful in the areas of mission, strategic planning, leadership, and resources; and monitoring and improving itself.

Board Development Series Best Practices for Board Meetings and Board Engagement
Amy Nisenson, Principal, Amy Nisenson Consulting, and Executive Director of the Mary Morton Parsons Foundation. Learn best practices for nonprofit Boards on how often to meet, the use of consent agendas, creating mission moments, when and how to call executive sessions, the importance of Board retreats, and more. Amy will provide useful methods and tools to improve engagement from everyone during board meetings and help ensure that your meetings are seen as critical for moving your organization forward.

Board Development Series – The Role of the Board in Fundraising
Join Jane Stein, President, JPS Consulting, for this important and entertaining workshop on how Board members can happily and comfortably engage in raising the needed resources for their organization…after all…no money, no mission! Discover why we fear asking for money. Explore the variety of ways to raise those dollars. Understand the difference between a solicitation and building a sustainable relationship. Learn the 5 easy pieces of personal solicitation. Gain a better understanding of the role the Board plays in fundraising. Find the happy staff/board balance that ensures a great partnership within your organization.

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