Nonprofit Board Training Series


The Nonprofit Board Training Series is for community members who are interested in serving on a nonprofit Board, as well as for those who currently serve and want to better understand their role as a Board member. The training is designed to educate participants on the roles, responsibilities, and rewards of serving on a nonprofit Board. Topics cover important issues vital to serving on a board including the role of the Board in fundraising, financial oversight, hiring and recruiting staff, and board governance.

  – Thanks to a generous grant from the Williamsburg Community Foundation and the Craig and Shirley Stambaugh Fund, we offered our first class designed exclusively for Board Chairs in November. The class was developed to help them better manage their role in ensuring active engagement from everyone on the Board.

To date, we have graduated 119 community members from our Nonprofit Board Training Series. Here’s what just a few of our Graduates have said about the class:

“Thank you for providing this excellent service to our nonprofits and us personally. I feel empowered to make some positive changes!” (Rene, 1st Board Chair Class, 2014)

“Being a “new chair”, I found this to be extremely helpful…it will be great to have some new ideas and for me to feel like I might make a difference to the organization after attending this training.” (Mike, 1st Board Chair Class, 2014)

“I thank you for all you did to arrange for this great meeting venue.  Lisa certainly has a great presentation and keeps the audience going with interesting methods to keep the meeting very interesting and productive.  Kudos to her style, personality and workshop know-how!!! I learned more than I thought I would and glad of it!” (Kris, 2014)

“Best training I have attended in many years! Thanks Lisa and Karen.” (Carrie, 2014)

“Thank you for the superb training session…it was extremely helpful and Lisa Freeman is an outstanding instructor…anyone considering being a nonprofit board member should definitely attend the training.” (Bob, 2014)

“The nonprofit board training provided by NetworkPeninsula should be mandatory for anyone considering volunteering in this fashion. This training would have made me a much better board member!”  (Kim, 2013)

“In today’s fast-paced world, executives and businesses are looking for streamlined efficient usage of their time and money. That is exactly what is provided in this Board Training. If you are a nonprofit and have new Board members, and are looking to increase the productivity and professionalism of your Board, this is a worthwhile investment of your time and money. Your Board members will emerge with a spot-on understanding of what it means to be on a Board.” (Heather, 2011)

“I took this training last year and have found it invaluable. Lisa Freeman is a sharp and well-organized trainer. This workshop alone proves how important NetworkPeninsula is to our community. If you work for a nonprofit, direct a nonprofit, or serve on a board, this workshop should be on your must-do list.”  (Susan, 2013)

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