Hospice House Wish List

The Hospice House and Support Care of Williamsburg is in need of items for their clients including the below items. Please contact Janet Reid via email  or call 253-1220 with any questions or to arrange for drop off of donations. Thank you!

 Tide High Efficiency Detergent “PODS”
 Clorox Bleach 
 Fabric Softener Sheets
 Paper Towels (Select a-Size)
 Bathroom Tissue
 Facial Tissues
 Trash Bags: 39 gallon, 13 gallon, and 7-10 gallon 
 Soft Drinks: Coke, Diet Coke, Ginger Ale, Sprite or Pepsi in cans (1/2 cans)
 Bottled Water
 Lysol Spray Disinfectant
 Air Freshener/Disinfectant Sprays
 Juices (single serving cans: apple, cranberry, prune and orange juice)
 Cake, Cookie, Brownie Mixes and Frosting 
 Chicken Soups (small or single serving size)
 Paper Plates (small, microwaveable)
 Ladies Nightgowns (new)
 40 Watt Light Bulbs
 Copy Paper 
 Donations for bird seed to be made at Wild Birds Unlimited (Monticello Marketplace Shopping Center)

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