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By supporting NetworkPeninsula with your tax-deductible donation*, you are helping more than 280 local nonprofits gain access to community volunteers, affordable continuing education, trained Board members, networking events, fundraising opportunities, in-kind donations, grants research, a community-wide calendar to share upcoming events, and much more! In addition, your voluntary membership gives you the opportunity to stay up to date on the needs, news, and events of area nonprofits. Help us help the nonprofits that matter most to you! 

– Starting at $250 a Year
 to highlight the positive impact your business is making on local nonprofits and their ability to continue the valuable work they do in our communities. Our partnerships and sponsorships are win-win opportunities to solidify the investment you make directly to local nonprofits, as we help build their capacity through continuing education, board training, information sharing, and expanded outreach. We can also connect you and your employees to the nonprofits and causes that matter most to you. For details on the value-added benefits of Partnering with us, click here. (To proceed, please use the Cart Button below.)

CIVIC & FAITH-BASED PARTNERSHIPS – Your partnership with us will enable us to help you expand your organization’s reach out into the community by leading efforts that help nonprofits meet the critical needs of our neighbors. We can assist you with organizing collection drives, aware fairs, work days and more! To learn more about the benefits of Partnership, click here. (To proceed, please use the Cart Button below.). Note: If you are a 501c3 organization, please click here for registration information. 


Your support provides the following for local nonprofit members:

Network Connections – Our weekly Community Connections e-Newsletters, continually updated website, and social media platforms provide free, easy access for the community to review the volunteer needs of dozens of nonprofits, as well as items and upcoming events. Community members can also post any volunteer time, items or services they have available.

Monthly Continuing Education – we secure leaders in their field to present NEXT – Nonprofit EXcellence Training, monthly workshops on topics targeted at helping nonprofits increase their effectiveness and maximize the impact they have on the community.

Youth Network – to help kids of ALL ages, and their families, learn the many ways there are to get involved in our communities. Click here to find Youth Volunteer OpportunitiesCollection Drive and other Service Project Ideas, Scholarships available to youth involved in community service,  Grants to complete community service projects, and much more!

Grants Database – a comprehensive database with grant opportunities for nonprofits and direct links to the foundations, RFPs, etc. We also highlight grants for students, teachers, and volunteers who serve our community.

Board Network – includes Board Development classes for current Board members; an Onboarding Class offered twice a year for new Board members; and customized Board Trainings for full boards. All trainings and classes are designed to help community members better understand the roles, responsibilities, and rewards of serving on a nonprofit Board. Nonprofits also have access to a database of graduates when they are looking for knowledgeable, committed, productive Board members.

Community Partnerships – we work with area businesses, civic & faith-based groups to recruit volunteers; encourage participation in events; secure items needed; and coordinate collection drives & work days, fundraising events to benefit multiple nonprofits, and discounts for nonprofit employees.

*NetworkPeninsula is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, TAX ID#26-1250149. All voluntary memberships are tax deductible as allowed by law. For questions or more information on our Memberships, please contact us 

NONPROFIT MEMBERSHIPS – We provide programs and services that will help strengthen your nonprofit, raise awareness about what you do, and connect you to new opportunities and resources in the community that will help you grow! Click here for registration information.

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