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NEXT colorWe have partnered with highly skilled professionals & educators to provide the NEXT Program – quality continuing education for nonprofit staff, Board members & volunteers. Workshops have been designed to help nonprofits take the NEXT step in growing their organization by increasing productivity & effectiveness & maximizing the impact they have on the community. Since 2008, 90 workshops have reached 1,599 nonprofit staff, Board members, and volunteers representing more than 230 organizations across the Peninsula!  

2017 Continuing Education Workshops
Our workshops and seminars are targeted at increasing effectiveness and creating sustainability for your organization. Our goal is to provide you with information and ideas that you can take back to your organization and put to work immediately. All of our professional development workshops are taught by industry professionals and are open to nonprofit staff, Board, and volunteers.

This year, we are pleased to partner with the Bernardine Franciscan Sisters Foundation to offer a Strategic Planning Series and a Development/Fundraising Planning Series, both of which include one-on-one consulting hours with the course trainers to help organizations create their plans.

We are also excited to celebrate our 100th Workshop with “Building, and Keeping, the Powerhouse Board” as part of our Board Development Series — a series of workshops designed to help Board members and staff move their organizations forward together.

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Understanding, Developing, and Implementing the Development Plan for Your Organization – Part I*
Friday, April 21 – 9:30 am – 12:30 pm – Newport News
Offered in partnership with the Bernardine Franciscan Sisters Foundation

Stacy Nixon, CFRE, Philanthropy Director, Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast. Join us for this series of three extended, interactive sessions that will include development best practices, implementation planning for organizations, and a collaborative “how-to” discussion among the participants. The culmination of the series will be an annual development plan and initial case statement for your organization.

THIS SESSION Fundraising is an Art and a Science—This session will provide an overview of development basics including terminology, resources, annual fund and major gift basics. Participants should bring with them the number of donors to their organization, average gift size, and any key marketing or solicitation materials. This session will also cover what it takes to implement a full solicitation plan; how to use volunteers, resources, and Board members in the process; and the role of the board in fundraising. Participants should bring a road map of their organization’s next fiscal year with as much of the key dates already in place.

Each session will be a stand-alone session, however, you will benefit most from committing to the full series. For those who attend the first two sessions, you will be invited to join us on May 19 to practice your ask with potential donors and receive one-on-one feedback to successfully implement your plan.

Understanding, Developing, and Implementing the Development Plan for Your Organization – Part II*
Friday, May 5 – 9:30 am – 12:30 pm – Newport News
Offered in partnership with the Bernardine Franciscan Sisters Foundation

Stacy Nixon, CFRE, Philanthropy Director, Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast. THIS SESSION Now we have a plan written down, What else? — Planning is the first step to a successful fundraising year, now it is time to develop the final pieces. The session will discuss the elements to a successful case statement, the art of writing for development, and how to work with volunteers and board members to expand your organization’s sphere. Participants should come with an overview of their organization in hand and be prepared to share an elevator speech of 30 seconds or less.Each session will be a stand-alone session, however, you will benefit most from committing to the full series. For those who attend the first two sessions, you will be invited to join us on May 19 to practice your ask with potential donors and receive one-on-one feedback to successfully implement your plan.

Board Development Series Building, and Keeping, the Powerhouse Board*
Thursday, May 11 – 11:30 am – 1:30 pm – Williamsburg

Presented by Drucker & Falk Real Estate. Join us for our 100th Workshop with Jane Stein, JPS Consulting, to learn how to build, manage, and keep the best nonprofit board! For Executive Directors, learn what you can do as an Executive Director to build and manage a Powerhouse Board. For Board Leadership, learn the skills and secrets to developing a Powerhouse Board. Included in the session will be: Just what does the word ‘governance’ really mean? What are the real roles and responsibilities of my board? How can I get my board to participate in fundraising? How can we evaluate our work as a board? For All, learn what makes a board successful in the areas of mission, strategic planning, leadership, and resources; and monitoring and improving itself.

*BONUS! Organizations that send both a staff member AND at least one Board member will be entered into a drawing for multiple nonprofits to win consulting hours with some of our fabulous workshop instructors from the last 99 workshops!

THIS WORKSHOP IS OFFERED AT NO CHARGE, thanks to our Sponsor, Drucker & Falk Real Estate! Workshop includes Lunch from Baker’s Crust. To register, click here.

Understanding, Developing, and Implementing the Development Plan for Your Organization – Part III*
Friday, May 19 – 9:30 am – 12:30 pm – Newport News
Offered in partnership with the Bernardine Franciscan Sisters Foundation

This session is only open to participants who attended our April 21 AND May 5 sessions. Never apologize for being a development professional and asking for a gift  — This interactive session provides the opportunity for development work to become real for the nonprofit professional. This will include key scenarios including asking for the gift. Practicing the ask and receiving feedback will be key to full implementation. Participants will be able to share their draft of the case statements and solicit donors in a practical application of the workshop series.

Board Development Series Fiduciary Responsibilities of Nonprofit Board Members
Friday, June 9 – 11:30 am – 1:30 pm – Williamsburg

Randy Howard, 501 Advisors. Randy P. Howard is President of 501 Advisors, Inc., and a financial strategist using his 35 years of financial management experience to support the work of foundation and nonprofit leaders with clear, actionable advice coupled with practical implementation. (Workshop description to follow shortly.) OPEN TO STAFF AND BOARD MEMBERS.

To register for the above workshops, CLICK HERE. Additional workshops will continue to be added at our Williamsburg and Newport News training locations.

Workshop dates marked with an * are offered at no charge, with special thanks to our Partner, The Bernardine Franciscan Sisters Foundation.  Our workshop on May 11 (100th), is also offered at no charge, thanks to our sponsor, Drucker & Falk Real Estate.

Additional workshops are offered free of charge for up to two representatives from nonprofits with FULL MEMBERSHIPS; or $20 per person from nonprofits with LIMITED MEMBERSHIPS. Workshops offered as part of our Board Development Series are discounted at $20 for graduates of our Board Training Classes. Workshop fees for all other Guests and non-members are $25 per workshop.

Where applicable, payments can be mailed to: 2 Bernardine Drive, Newport News VA 23602; or paid online, using our secure Paypal link below.

Workshops & Seminars


Board Development Series Best Practices for Board Meetings and Board Engagement
Amy Nisenson, Principal, Amy Nisenson Consulting, and Executive Director of the Mary Morton Parsons Foundation. Learn best practices for nonprofit Boards on how often to meet, the use of consent agendas, creating mission moments, when and how to call executive sessions, the importance of Board retreats, and more. Amy will provide useful methods and tools to improve engagement from everyone during board meetings and help ensure that your meetings are seen as critical for moving your organization forward. OPEN TO STAFF AND BOARD MEMBERS.

Board Development Series – The Role of the Board in Fundraising
Join Jane Stein, President, JPS Consulting, for this important and entertaining workshop on how Board members can happily and comfortably engage in raising the needed resources for their organization…after all…no money, no mission! Discover why we fear asking for money. Explore the variety of ways to raise those dollars. Understand the difference between a solicitation and building a sustainable relationship. Learn the 5 easy pieces of personal solicitation. Gain a better understanding of the role the Board plays in fundraising. Find the happy staff/board balance that ensures a great partnership within your organization.

Strategic Planning & Management 3-Part Series 
Amy Nisenson, Principal, Amy Nisenson Consulting, and Executive Director of the Mary Morton Parsons Foundation. In this 3-part series, Amy will guide participants through the process of strategic planning and give you a working document to bring to your Board and work toward a completed strategic plan. Hands-on activities will be an integral part of these sessions as you work through planning tools and worksheets to guide you through the steps, including: assessing your organization, both internally and externally; formulating goals, objectives, and initiatives; developing your business plan; implementing and operationalizing your plan; and monitoring your progress.

Understanding & Preparing for the New Nonprofit Accounting & Reporting Requirements
Bo Garner, Co-Leader, Not-for-Profit Team, PBMares LLP — ASU 2016-14 “Presentation of Financial Statements of Not-for-Profit Entities” requires the most significant changes to not-for-profit financial reporting in over 20 years!

Strategic Thinking
Melissa Andrews, Leading Age Virginia — Before you create, or update, your strategic plan, it is important to know who you are! This session is offered ahead of our series on Strategic Planning to help you get a better understanding of the difference between purpose and mission, and the difference between your mission, vision, and values.

Navigating the New Overtime Rules
Join Tracy Keller, CEO and Tammy Carlson, Human Resources Director, from the Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast as they provide an overview of the revised overtime regulations to the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Legislative Breakfast
In partnership with the Bernardine Franciscan Sisters Foundation, The United Way of Greater Williamsburg, and the United Way of the Virginia Peninsula
Join us for breakfast and conversation as local nonprofit leaders have an opportunity to share with local and state representatives the critical role your organization plays in providing vital services to those in need. Share with them your work, your challenges, and your organization’s needs and concerns as you continue this important work to improve our communities.

Funder’s Forum: Developing Talent, Increasing Impact
Offered in partnership with the Bernardine Franciscan Sisters Foundation
What do you and your team need organizationally, professionally, and personally to have the most impact in your work? Local nonprofit Executive Directors are invited to join us for breakfast and conversation and an opportunity to answer this question in front of representatives of local community and corporate foundations.

Fundraising Frenzy
Unwind, unload & network with fellow fundraising colleagues before your busy season starts up again! This end-of-summer gathering of fundraising professionals will include sharing of ideas, challenges, and successes. Lunch will be served for this casual but informative fundraising frenzy!

Measuring Up: Pt I – Employee Performance: Creating a Systematic Process
— Belinda Willis, Focusing on Solutions
Offered in partnership with the Bernardine Franciscan Sisters Foundation
Are you still doing those annual performance evaluations that asks if the employee is on time to work and if they dress appropriately? Do you have a system of documentation that sets goals (informal and formal) for employees? What about training and sustainability plans?

Social Media for Nonprofits
 — Courtney Buzzell, Proximo Marketing Strategies
This workshop will cover multiple aspects of social media. Explore the different platforms for engaging your audience and learn what types of posts generate the greatest response. Session will cover social media strategy using the most popular platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Analytics for each will also be discussed to help you identify the most effective way to use these platforms.

Measuring Up: Pt II – Employee Performance: Dynamic & Meaningful Evaluations
—  Belinda Willis, Focusing on Solutions
Offered in partnership with the Bernardine Franciscan Sisters Foundation
Now that you have an idea of what you want from your employees, how do you state the goals and objectives into behavioral terms and how do you measure progress? How do you follow up with meaningful and timely feedback? How do you document and celebrate those benchmarks?

Grant Writing Essentials
—  Amy Nisenson, Executive Director, Mary Morton Parsons Foundation
This workshop will provide participants with a better understanding of the grant process, including sources and types of grant funding and the elements of a grant proposal, including goals, objectives, evaluation, budgets, and grant reporting.

Leadership: Part I – Coaching Skills: Inspiring Others to Succeed
—  Belinda Willis, Focusing on Solutions
Offered in partnership with the Bernardine Franciscan Sisters Foundation
Telling the same people the same thing over and over? Sometimes leadership has to “show” what they want.

Creating Effective, Attention-Keeping Presentations
— Shelley Smith, Premier Rapport
This session will hit all levels, including presentation tips, storytelling and delivery, and public speaking. Learn how to prepare your content, design your slides, prepare your story to help you capture your audience and keep them tuned into your message.

The Basics and Best Practices of Networking
— Shelley Smith, Premier Rapport & Courtney Buzzell, Proximo Marketing Strategies
The focus of this workshop will be on person-to-person networking. We will cover the basics and dive into best practices and new tools available in order to be a more effective networker. This session will include understanding what a 60 second introduction should include, networking Do’s and Don’ts, and the importance of follow up.

Leadership: Part II – Creating a Positive Workplace 
Belinda Willis, Focusing on Solutions
Offered in partnership with the Bernardine Franciscan Sisters Foundation
Negativity in the workplace takes a toll on employees, clients & work outcomes. How do you “rise above it?”


Program Evaluation and Measurement Outcomes: Can You Prove You Are Making a Difference?
Isaac Castillo, Deputy Director, DC Promise Neighborhoods
Offered in partnership with the Bernardine Franciscan Sisters Foundation

Most nonprofits assume they are doing good work and changing the lives of their service recipients, but how do you really know? In this workshop, participants will learn some important concepts, approaches, and techniques to utilize when attempting to measure nonprofit effectiveness. Common mistakes and challenges will also be discussed.

Identifying Collective Impact Outcomes
Isaac Castillo, Deputy Director, DC Promise Neighborhoods
Offered in partnership with the Bernardine Franciscan Sisters Foundation

How do you know which outcomes to measure as part of your collective impact effort, and how do you come to a consensus on those outcomes? This workshop will offer practical and theoretical advice on how a collective impact effort can identify, choose, and refine outcome areas as part of their work. Practical challenges (where will the data come from, who is going to analyze it, what will be done with the data) will also be discussed, along with some recommendations.

Year End Wrap-Up: Financials Review
Florence Santoro, ABS Accounting & Bookkeeping Solutions

This Learning Lab will include a review of year-end financials (P&L & Balance Sheet). Are your bank balances correct? Have you updated fixed assets? Have you recorded payroll & liabilities? Are all loans, lines of credit and credit cards recorded and balanced? Did you setup the Chart of Accounts and Items list correctly? Plus any other questions you may have to help you close out the year without issue.

Planned Giving: Data Mining & Qualifying Prospects
Amanda Smith, Bon Secours Virginia Health System Foundation

In this workshop we’ll delve into the findings of several recently released research studies that provide more guidance for your data-mining and qualification of planned gift prospects. We’ll look at the methodologies used in the research to understand the differences between the descriptive indicators of planned gift donors from indicators that predict likelihood to consider a planned gift. You will also be provided with specific demographic and socio-demographic data fields you can use immediately as you mine for the planned gift donor.

Knowing Your Strengths
Belinda Willis, Focusing on Solutions
Offered in partnership with the Bernardine Franciscan Sisters Foundation

Identifying your style and learning how to use it to interact with others in the workplace and work toward more effective communication and interaction. The Jung Typology Test is based on the Myers-Briggs Assessment of the 16 personality tests of the Myers-Briggs Assessment. It provides information about how you prefer to communicate – how you prefer to receive information and how you prefer to give it. Prefer, in this case means, your natural style in most instances. Many times work teams will use this assessment to help understand strengths and challenges of co-workers. Participants will take this free online assessment ahead of the workshop, and Belinda will walk us through how we can better understand co-workers preferences (and to help them understand yours) in fostering a respectful and efficient work environment.

Creating Effective Videos for Your Nonprofit
Andrea Bear, Bear in Mind Strategies
Learn more about the impact of videos and why they are important. This session will help you: identify your video goals, learn how to measure outcomes, set a realistic budget for videos (both DIY and professional), learn video Do’s and Don’ts, see what to do with your video once it’s done, and learn how to maximize your ROI.

Giving USA 2015: Giving USA Annual Results
Wendy McGrady, The Curtis Group
An overview of the latest annual report on philanthropy and charitable giving in the United States. Review economic indicators of giving in our country and examine giving by source and recipient in each nonprofit sector. Learn fundraising tips & strategies based on these results for the coming year.

Collective Impact: What Does It Look Like? How Can it Work? (4-part series)
Hosted in partnership with The Bernardine Franciscan Sisters FoundationErin White, Associate Director of FSG, founding partner of the Collective Impact Forum, with the Aspen Institute Forum for Community Solutions. Belinda Willis, Focusing on Solutions.

Board Recruitment*
Amy Nisenson, Nonprofit Consultant and Executive Director, Mary Morton Parsons Foundation.
One of the most important responsibilities of a board is to ensure that it continuously adds qualified new members to its roster and keeps them engaged. Board recruitment and Board building shouldn’t just happen when it is time to fill a vacancy; it should be an ongoing process with year-around activities. Amy will guide participants through a process that focuses on the different steps needed to build an effective board. Understanding these steps can help boards avoid the common ups and downs of building and maintaining an enthusiastic board.

Overcoming the Fear of Fundraising
Jane P. Stein, Fundraising Consultant and Trainer, JPS Consulting
This lively workshop is designed with just one goal in mind: fundraising can be fun.  Learn to face the scary task of raising money with new motivation and less fear. This is a new approach to fundraising 101, addressing those barriers to getting out there and getting the job done and done well. Newer fundraising professionals will also find the “courage to encourage” board members and volunteers to participate in fund raising activities.

Learning Lab: Using NAP Credits to Generate More Contributions for Your Organization
Stephen Kast, President & CEO, The Boys & Girls Club and Brian Diebler & Fred Malvin, Malvin Riggins & Associates, Certified Public Accountants
This Lab will help nonprofits better understand the value of the Neighborhood Assistance Program and how these tax credits can play a beneficial role in obtaining more contributions. (Through this program, contributors of NAP approved organizations can receive 65% of their donation as a tax credit when filing state income taxes. Both General Human Services and Education Organizations may qualify for NAP. To learn more and to see if you qualify, click here.

Learning Lab: Quickbooks for Nonprofits
Florence Santoro, Certified Quickbooks Pro Advisor, ABS – Accounting & Bookkeeping Solutions
Are you using QuickBooks nonprofit software? This Lab will serve as a review of how to use nonprofit QuickBooks. Learn how to set up donations, pull reports for top donors, enter bills, pay bills, how to reconcile, and more.

Fundraising Boards: The Key to Success for Every Not For Profit Organization*
Lynne Seagle, Executive Director, Hope House Foundation –  In this session you will learn the basics of the role of your board of directors in fundraising.  A 101 approach to achieving readiness at the board level for successful donor development, annual giving efforts, events and capital campaigns will be discussed. Fundraising mistakes made by boards and an assessment tool to start a board off on the right foot as it becomes focused on their role to provide necessary resources.

2014 Workshops:

Learning Lab: What’s in Your 990?
Bill Sykes, President, William U. Sykes, CPA

Giving USA Annual Results
Wendy McGrady, Executive Vice President, The Curtis Group

Succession Planning
Katherine Whitney, Co-Founder/Director, Warren Whitney CEO
Presented in partnership with The Bernardine Franciscan Sisters Foundation

Donor Identification and Research: Beyond Google
Amanda Smith, Director of Prospect Management and Research, Christopher Newport University; Founder, Discover Potential

Grant Writing Series
Amy Nisenson, Consultant; Executive Director, Mary Morton Parsons Foundation

A Conversation with Local Funders
Moderated by Keith Curtis, The Curtis Group
Presented in partnership with The Bernardine Franciscan Sisters Foundation

Earned Income Streams
Len Doran, The Wexford Group; Steve Kast, Boys & Girls Club;
Mike Edmonds, Center for Child & Family Services
Presented in partnership with The Bernardine Franciscan Sisters Foundation

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