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In order to remain a source of empowerment in Hampton Roads, Commonwealth Catholic Charities continues to research current job vacancies and updating necessary requirements. Job seekers benefit from Commonwealth Catholic Charities’ support in  securing a job that pays at or above a livable wage.  Job seekers will be scheduled for an Intake Assessment, Complete enrollment documentation, schedule the virtual ten (10) hour Workplace Excellence (WPE) Training Curriculum and receive (or provide staff) a resume and cover letter.  Should job seekers express some working knowledge of the WPE Training curriculum, they will advance to the next module until all ten (10) are covered. Technology has been working  very well for Android, iPhone, Teams and Zoom apps, and social distancing is being utilized by our employer partners as well.  One major advantage is to quickly select the right person for the right job.

Timing is essential, as some jobs that are listed today, can be filled before the job seeker contacts our office.

Nevertheless, CCC is committed to providing the best quality Workforce Development  services to TANF recipients, individuals with income that is below the federal poverty limit, youth aging out of foster care, and any and all job seekers living in Newport News and Hampton. The latter can include but is not limited to DSS Child Support Enforcement clients,  individuals that are temporarily displaced from their full time jobs, etc.  They may contact our offices, leave their name, a contact telephone number, the date/time of their call as well as the nature of their concerns.

To learn more about this program, and available Job Opportunities, please contact:

Howard Todd
Employment Navigator
Commonwealth Catholic Charities
12284 Warwick Blvd, Suite 1-A
Newport News, VA  23606

Direct: 757-301-0704
Cell: 757-998-1839
Fax: 757.257.1070