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Board Match Up

Do you want to help a local nonprofit make an impact on the communities they serve, while they work to remain sustainable, able to continue the valuable work they do?

Are you looking to expand your professional network, grow your leadership experience, and use your skills to help a cause that matters most to you?

Our Board Match Up Program is as an opportunity to learn of local nonprofit organizations in need of new board members, whose needs match up with your interests, skills, and availability. Once a match is made, we will make the initial contact between you and the nonprofit (one at a time). It is our hope that you will continue the conversation with them to discern whether or not it is a good fit. You are under no obligation to serve on this board, however, we do hope that you will participate in thoughtful discussions to learn more about the opportunity, and notify them of your decision in a timely manner. We have asked the same of the nonprofits.

To complete a questionnaire and begin the matching process, click here.

*Note: The goal of this program is to help nonprofits find board members who are knowledgeable and committed to the role and its expectations. If you have not previously served on a nonprofit Board, we ask that you plan to attend one of our Onboarding Classes, designed specifically for people who have never served and to help them better understand their role.


For our nonprofit members:

Our Board Match Up Program is an opportunity for our nonprofit members to learn of community members interested in joining a nonprofit board and whose interests and skills match up with the organization’s needs. Nonprofits and community members each complete a questionnaire and then we connect the two when a match is identified. You are under no obligation to accept this match, however, we do hope you will participate in thoughtful discussions to learn more about them and discern whether or not it is a good fit for your nonprofit’s Board needs. To learn more and to complete your nonprofit’s questionnaire, click here.