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Our Nonprofit Board Training is for nonprofit boards that are interested in coming together to learn how to collectively move their organizations forward. The Board Training is designed to educate participants on the roles, responsibilities, and rewards of serving on a nonprofit Board. Topics cover important issues vital to serving on a board, including the role of the Board in fundraising, financial oversight, hiring and recruiting staff, and board governance. Board Trainings are customized to the individual needs of each nonprofit Board, as identified by the Board leadership, nonprofit staff, and trainer.

Nonprofit Board Training LEVELS:

Tier I – Board Essentials – this 1.5 hour class will address the topics identified above and how each relates to the specific organization’s Board structure, goals, and plans for future growth.
$350 – NetworkPeninsula FULL members; $450 non-members

Tier II – Board Boost – this 2.5 hour class will delve further into the topics above, including an opportunity for problem solving in areas that are of particular concern for the Board. In addition, this class will include “Fear of Fundraising” to help Board members become more comfortable in their role as ambassadors, advocates, and askers.
$550 – NetworkPeninsula FULL members; $700 non-members

Tier III – Board Forward – This half-day training, in addition to the topics outlined above, will focus on helping Boards begin to think strategically over the next 3 years. This will include goal setting, identifying key performance indicators, and strategizing priorities moving forward.
$750 – NetworkPeninsula FULL members; $1,000 non-members

Fee includes all training materials. Training location is chosen by organization. 


NetworkPeninsula also offers Board Development classes throughout the year for current board members.