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7 Terrace Rd, Hampton, VA 23661, USA
7 Terrace Road Hampton Virginia 23661 US
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Newport News, Hampton, City of Williamsburg, James City County, York County, Poquoson, Gloucester, Mathews

ECHO Orphancare Partners serves vulnerable children and families by connecting caring communities through strategic partnerships with local child welfare, local churches, and the community.

Locations Served
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1322 Box Street, Hampton, VA 23661, USA 1.05 km

The mission of Do Gooders of Hampton Roads is to foster the spirit of doing good to others — to help each other and create an infectious spirit of spreading love throughout the community; encouraging community cohesiveness and pride, and positive outcomes and behaviors. We support neighborhood needs as best we can.

Newport News, Hampton
PO Box 3386 Hampton VA 23663 1.06 km

Youth Sailing Virginia’s mission is to teach high school and middle school age youth in Hampton Roads how to sail through safe, fun and educational programs, inspiring learning, personal growth and leadership that provide pathways for their future.

691 Greenbriar Avenue apt c, Hampton, VA, USA 2.09 km

To train, develop, provide Life Coaching and build confidence in individuals desiring to work in the HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical Industry; creating a paradigm shift for individuals who lives have been torn by the fabric of society, and helping individuals to rebuild and move forward for success to lead productive lives.

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239 Buxton Avenue, Newport News, VA 23607 2.54 km

Providing miles of smiles by helping to alleviate poverty, hunger and insufficiencies through hope, love and giving of human resources, providing human services and empowerment workshops in life skills to revitalize and build strong families making a socioeconomic impact in our community.  We provide free clothing, non-perishable food, personal hygiene and school supplies to those in need.

Newport News, Hampton, City of Williamsburg, James City County, York County
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701b Howmet Drive, Hampton, VA, USA 2.7 km

The mission of Families Overcoming Obstacles Together (F.O.O.T.) is to serve families and communities with quality services that promote wellness, aid recovery, and enhance mental health using a holistic approach.

2401 Aluminum Avenue, Hampton, VA 23661, USA 2.88 km

The Virginia Peninsula Foodbank has been a community leader in providing food assistance to residents experiencing hunger across the greater Peninsula.  We acquire food through donations, purchasing, and government programs and collaborate with over 150 partner agencies to ensure that it reaches those who are in need.  We also operate our own programs that aim to alleviate food insecurity in children, individuals, families, seniors, and veterans.  We proudly serve the cities of Hampton, Newport News, Poquoson, and Williamsburg, and the counties of Gloucester, James City, Mathews, Surry, and York.  The Foodbank also represents an important component of the community’s emergency response following a weather disaster, economic downturn, or health pandemic.  We focus on giving our neighbors the nutritious food they need to live a healthy lifestyle.

While we certainly provide support to our neighbors who are caught in a cycle of poverty and experience chronic food insecurity, we also offer assistance to people who are confronting temporary, short-term challenges, such as a job loss, medical emergency, or accident and need food to sustain them until they can regain stability.  Hunger can impact a household without notice, and the face of hunger could be your neighbor.  By working daily to provide comfort and hope in the form of  healthy meals, we strive to ensure that every person or family has a plate at the table and can avoid making impossible choices between having food and addressing other basic needs.  Hunger does not discriminate, and neither do we.  The Foodbank is here to support anyone who needs help.

Newport News, Hampton, City of Williamsburg, James City County, York County, Poquoson, Gloucester, Mathews
2520 58th Street, Hampton, VA 23661, USA 3.5 km

VersAbility Resources helps people with disabilities lead productive and fulfilling lives of their choosing as fully accepted members of society.

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40 Kings Way, Hampton, VA 23669, USA 3.89 km

Since the 1960s Hampton Baptist Church has worked to alleviate hunger in downtown Hampton. In 2015 we changed the name to SAME (So All May Eat) to better reflect our mission to create an interfaith community by addressing nutritional and physical needs with our neighbors who are homeless or living in poverty so we might together experience the fullness of God’s love and grace.

2410 Wickham Avenue, Newport News, VA, USA 3.99 km

Hampton Roads Community Action Program is a 501c3 Community Action Agency that has served the low-income residents of Newport News and Hampton, Virginia for over 50 years. The agency operates over 20 programs designed to fulfill our mission “to plan, develop, implement and evaluate programs that foster self-sufficiency through educational, social and economic development.”

3100 Wickham Avenue, Newport News, VA 23607, USA 4.01 km

The C. Waldo Scott Center for H.O.P.E. provides multi-discipline programs and services to community youth and adults addressing education, life skills, health, and employment.

PO Box 190, Hampton, VA, USA 4.06 km

HELP’s mission is to provide dignifying, empowering, and faith-based safety-net shelter, healthcare, and support to our community’s most vulnerable people. We accomplish this through thermal shelter programs, the HELP Charitable Medical & Dental Clinics, Day Support Center, and other support programs.

1306 Thomas Street, Hampton, VA, USA 4.32 km

Our mission is to nurture young children by providing affordable, quality preschool programs that develop the “whole child” and foster school readiness.

619 21st Street, Newport News, VA, United States 4.79 km

Hampton Roads Urban Agriculture is committed to reducing food insecurity within the Hampton Roads area, through urban farming, programming, and by creating a sustainable food system.

3420 Von Schilling Drive, Hampton, VA 23666, USA 5.13 km

MEKOS is a nonprofit organization that provides a safe place for action sports and self expression for youth, young adults, and their families in the Hampton Roads Area. Skaters, scooters, and BMX riders will find a place to develop skills, but also learn to deal with life’s challenges as they connect with positive role models.

Newport News, Hampton, City of Williamsburg, James City County, York County, Poquoson, Gloucester, Mathews
4410 East Claiborne Square, Hampton, VA, USA 5.15 km

The Homes at Work Community, Inc. mission is to enrich, educate, and empower youth and their families to obtain affordable housing, successful careers, healthy lifestyles, and well-balanced relationships.

2021 Cunningham Drive, Hampton, VA, USA 5.21 km

Our mission is to deliver quality counseling programs and support services that empower individuals and families to improve their lives.

2021-A Cunningham Drive, Ste. 2, Hampton, VA, USA 5.21 km

Insight Enterprises and the Peninsula Center for Independent Living serves the population of disabled persons in Hampton and strives to provide them with independent living skills and services to help with every day life. Services include: housing, counseling, advocacy, skill training, transition, and more.

PO Box 561 Hampton VA 23669, USA 5.29 km

Transitions is a 501c3 organization providing comprehensive family violence prevention services in Hampton, Poquoson, York County, and Newport News. Our mission is to build safe and healthy families on the Virginia Peninsula.

332 34th St, Newport News, VA 23607, USA 5.47 km

The mission of Faith Recovery is to rebuild lives that have been devastated by addiction, restore hope in families, and establish productive citizens back into the community.

Newport News, Hampton
1705 Todds Lane, Hampton, VA, USA 5.52 km

Freekind (formerly known as Virginia Beach Justice Initiative) is a local faith based non-profit on a mission to prevent human trafficking and support those who have been exploited on their journey to freedom.  We seek to restore the humanity that has been stolen by creating pathways to freedom, reigniting hope and helping survivors experience true belonging.  We are accomplishing our mission through awareness and training, prevention eduction, and survivor support.  We educate our community and provide industry specific training to community partners most likely to encounter victims such as law enforcement, legal and healthcare professionals, educators, social services and those in the hospitality industry.  We also engage our local school systems with the Prevention Project, a middle and high school curriculum that is survivor informed and designed to prevent another generation of victims.  Finally we build offramps to freedom for adult victims of human trafficking who have been incarcerated for crimes related to their victimization.  Our re-entry services give survivors renewed hope for a life of freedom from abuse and empower them to pursue their dreams.

Newport News, Hampton, City of Williamsburg, James City County, York County, Poquoson, Gloucester
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