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Education and Action

As you may have read in our original statement in response to protests following tragic events across the country, we continue to work on our Call to Action to DO THE WORK to better educate ourselves and to reflect on how the leadership and members of NetworkPeninsula can better work together to impact real and lasting change to systems and processes that continue to be inequitable, unfair, and incredibly damaging to the fabric of our communities. For us, the first step is becoming aware of the issues, the history behind the issues, and the role we can play in the work that needs to be done. We have compiled a page of Resources that we have found helpful and that we hope you will find of value as well. This is a living document, one that will continue to be amended with new resources as we find them, or as they are sent to us.

We also promised to share our platform with our nonprofits, in an effort to help amplify their voices. Here again, this page is one that will continue to be expanded as our nonprofits work with their staff, clients, and communities.