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For Nonprofits


Advancing Racial Equity Within Nonprofit Organizations – click here

Why diversity, equity, and inclusion matter for nonprofits- Click here

Why Do Nonprofits Struggle With Diversity? – Click here

4 Steps for Bringing Up Equity and Inclusion at Your Nonprofit – Click here

3 Ways to Decolonize Your Nonprofit – Click here

Anti-racist resources for Nonprofit folx- Click here

Activating nonprofits, fueling change: Building Movement Project – Click here

Race to lead revisited: Obstacles and opportunities in addressing the nonprofit racial leadership gap – Click here

Practical ideas for improving equity and inclusion at nonprofits – Click here

Organizations: The expertise you need for the impact you want – Click here

What does the TikTok uprising at your company look like? – Click here

Restructure your organization to actually advance racial justice – Click here

Blacks in Nonprofits – Click here

The African American Development Officers Network – Click here


In Board Governance

The Impact of Diversity: Understanding How Nonprofit Board Diversity Affects Philanthropy, Leadership, and Board Engagement – click here

Diversity, equity, and inclusion in nonprofit bylaws- Click here

Diversity, inclusion, and equity resources for Boards – click here

Why are we still struggling with diversity, equity, and inclusion in nonprofit governance? – Click here

Reflections on trust and its relationship to racial inequity on nonprofit boards- Click here

Failure is not an option: How nonprofit boards can support leaders of color – Click here

How Can Boards Join the Movement for Racial Justice: Part 1 – click here

How Can Board Join the Movement for Racial Justice: Part 2 – click here


In Philanthropy

Have nonprofit and philanthropy become the “white moderate” that Dr. King warned us about? – Click here

How to Connect with Donors of Color – click here


For Leaders

Crises as a Catalyst: A Call for Race Equity & Inclusive Leadership – click here

11 Books To Read If You Want To Be A More Inclusive Leader – click here

Leadership: the antidote to racial injustice – Click here

Race to Lead: An initiative of building movement project – Click here

Leading toward a transformed future in a disrupted present – Click here

Race to lead revisited: Obstacles and opportunities in addressing the nonprofit racial leadership gap – Click here

The Rooted Collaborative: A community for WOC Fundraising Professionals – Click here

For Learning

Race and Justice Essentials – click here

Racial Justice Research Document – click here

‘The Groundwater Approach’ Whitepaper: Building a practical understanding of structural racism – Click here

White Fragility: Why it’s so hard to talk to white people about racism – Click here

White Fragility by Dr. Robin DiAngelo (video) – Click here

The Characteristics of White Supremacy Culture – click here

Awake to Woke to Work: Building a race equity culture – Click here

The Doll Study: White and black children biased toward lighter skin – click here

Race Equity Culture Webinars: Equity in the Center – Click here

Race Matters Panel (Video) – Click here

Here’s what “defunding the police” means to me – Click here

Candace McKinley: Yes, #DefundthePolice, but also #FreeThemAll and #AbolishPrisons – Click here

How systemic racism affects public health Part 1: Health disparities among Black people – click here


For Starting and Continuing the Conversation


A guide to the discussion you are scared to have right now – Click here

“White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack” and “Some Notes for Facilitators” – Click here

Race Matters Panel (Video) – Click here

ACLU Tears Down Confederate Monument Myths – Click here

Hosting a racial equity workshop – Click here


For Allies


Ally Resource Guide – Click here

Free courses to help you become a stronger ally and have inclusive conversations – Click here

Fighting racism – working for equitable outcomes for young children and their families – Click here

Race, equity, and unavoidable challenges for philanthropy – Click here

Black trauma and showing up at work – Click here

For our white friends desiring to be allies – Click here

For Doing the Work

Race Equity Index – click here

13 lists of ways to learn and show up as anti-racist in this world – Click here

Beyond Protests: 5 ways to channel your anger into action to fight racism – Click here

#Do the Work – 30 day challenge – click here

21 Day Racial Equity & Social Justice Challenge – click here


For Reflection


Implicit Bias Assessment – click here

Racism and Radical Candor: Recognizing Implicit Racial Bias – Click here

Decolonizing Wealth – click here

On Monument Removal – click here

How Racism Makes Us Sick – click here

Mapping our social change roles in times of crisis – Click here

Statements about George Floyd are a start, but how will organizations live their values? – Click here

Opinion: Philanthropists Bench Women of Color, the MVPs of Social Change – Click here

Dismantling racism might require philanthropy to dismantle itself (dispatches) – Click here

If Black lives really do matter to the rich, philanthropy isn’t enough. Are you willing to give up your privilege? – Click here




Race Forward – Click here

Equity In The Center – Click here

Racial Equity Institute – click here

8 Can’t Wait – click here


Other Resource Lists


Habitat for Humanity – click here

Anti-racist resources for Black Lives Matter allies – Click here

Anti-racism resources for white people – Click here

Scaffolded Anti-racist resources – Click here

Anti-racism resource list – Click here

Philanthropy News Digest – Click here.

United Way – Click here