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NetworkPeninsula / Fox Kits Meet and Greet
The Virginia Living Museum welcomed two red fox kits, one male and one female, to the Museum’s outdoor trail habitat on August 20, 2019. The unrelated pair, which are from different parts of Virginia, were rescued as orphans as they cannot survive in the wild without their parents. The pair is estimated to be five months old and can be seen exploring their new home in a habitat adjacent to the existing red fox exhibit. The two foxes can be distinguished by their tails and bodies, as the male is a little larger with a fuller tail, and the female has a white-tipped tail.

You can meet the Red Foxes at the Museum’s ‘Meet our Fox Kits!’ meet and greet September 21, 2019. The meet and greet includes an enrichment, short presentation and Question and Answer period on the outdoor trail in front of the exhibit. This 15-minute special program will be held at 11:00 am, noon and 1:00 pm.