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NetworkPeninsula / Virtual Run for the Bacon!

“Run for the Bacon” goes virtual!

Run, walk, jog, skip. Treadmill or trail. The choices are endless. Since it’s a virtual race, we can keep our distance but stay connected.

Proceeds support Bacon Street’s work to give kids in our community a brighter future, free from drugs and alcohol.

Here’s how it works:

  • Register at RunSignUp.com.
  • Choose your race: The Individual 5k is $10. (You’re racing on your own, but you’re not alone — there’s a whole community out here cheering for you!) Family entries are $25 and include up to 6 members of your immediate household. (Family entries must complete their 5k together.)
  • Choose your course.  This is a virtual race, so you decide: Indoors on a treadmill? Laps around your yard? On a nearby trail? (Remember to stay 6 feet apart from others!) As long as you go the distance and complete 3.1 miles, the choice is yours!
  • Choose your day. Complete your race any time between April 25 and May 30.
  • Show us those race-day photos. We want to see you on your race course, whether it’s indoors or outside. Tag us on Facebook or Instagram with your race-day pictures.
  • Send us your time. We’re on the honor system! We trust you to go the full distance and to time your own race. When you register, you’ll receive an e-mail with instructions on submitting your time.

Every race entry will receive a custom “Run for the Bacon” sticker, suitable for your favorite water bottle, mailed to you!  (Family entries will receive a sticker for each member of their immediate household, up to 6.)

Get ready, get set, get moving!

Virtual Training Challenge!
Join us on Facebook and Instagram for
the six-week virtual training challenge!  
  • Week 1 (April 25) : Put One Foot in Front of the Other For 10 minutes each day, walk, job, skip, run, gallop.
  • Week 2: Play Ball! Literally, any activity that involves, well, a ball! A little one-on-one basketball in your driveway. Ping Pong on your dining room table. Get creative!
  • Week 3: A Little Friendly Competition How many sit ups can you do in 60 seconds? How many push-ups? Can you beat your kids, your sister, your best friend?
  • Week 4: Dance Party! Turn on the tunes and get dancing! Need something a little more structured? Maybe now is a good time to try that Zumba class…
  • Week 5: Playground Games Grab your jump rope! Play a game of hop scotch, or four square, or red light-green light. Ask your kids what they’re favorite games are and give it a try!
  • Week 6: The Final Stretch This week is all about stretching and strengthening. Try a yoga, Pilates, or barre class. See how long you can hold a plank. Try to touch your toes.

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