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Creating Your 2020 Game Plan: Seven Game Changing Trends Impacting Hampton Roads

Featuring Keynote Speaker, John W. Martin, Futurist and CEO, SIR’s Institute for Tomorrow

Thursday, December 5, 2019 · 11:30 am – 1:30 pm
William & Mary School of Education, Williamsburg VA


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For many leaders, 2020 has always been shorthand for the future — a very distant future. Now, 2020 is almost here and our thoughts are focused on what’s going to happen in the immediate future. How do we successfully navigate what’s next? How do leaders prepare for continuous change? What should leaders be doing today to thrive tomorrow? The answer is making sure you have a strategic roadmap to help your organization navigate what’s ahead: A 2020 Game Plan.

Join nonprofit, corporate, government, and education leaders from across the Peninsula and beyond as we welcome John W. Martin, a leading strategic visionary from one of the nation’s top think tanks focused on winning tomorrow — SIR’s Institute for Tomorrow. (formerly the Southeastern Institute of Research). John is a nationally-recognized research-based futurist and is currently leading SIR’s work on the Hampton Roads Envision 2020 Regional Branding Initiative. He is well-versed in helping communities, nonprofits, corporations, and others better see what’s coming tomorrow and what to do about it today.

One of the seven trends driving change is the growth of “purpose.” Using local corporations, large and small, on the Peninsula, and their work in the community as examples, John will show how this mega-trend impacts organizations when it comes to developing and operating a successful corporate social responsibility (CSR) program.

This mission-critical, dynamic, and action-packed session is a must-see for any leader or top-level manager in an organization in Hampton Roads and will go beyond identifying the trends and offer specific action steps leaders across Hampton Roads can take in order to win tomorrow. Based on research from SIR and countless hours analyzing publicly-available data, this eye-opening session will spell out the key trends driving the future of the region.

Keynote presentation will be followed by round table discussions and sharing and discussion among the group as a whole. The Forum will be moderated by Terry Shannon, Director of William & Mary’s Mason School of Business Executive Partner’s Program.

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