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Prudential Emerging Visionaries, a collaboration between Prudential Financial and Ashoka, is a national program that celebrates and awards young people who create solutions to financial and societal challenges. Entries are being accepted from people ages 14 to 18 throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico that are proposing solutions in the following categories: The Financial Solutions category includes efforts to overcome barriers to financial inclusion and well-being, such as creating job opportunities in a community, helping people plan their financial lives, or starting an accelerator or other initiative to finance youth-led ventures. The Societal Solutions category focuses on efforts to create an equitable and sustainable community that works for the good of all, including work on environmental, racial justice, education issues, etc. Twenty-five winners will receive $5,000 each, 20 in the Societal Solutions category and five in the Financial Solutions category. One Financial Solutions winner will receive an additional $10,000 award, and one winner of either category will also receive the Prudential Employees’ Choice Award—an additional $5,000. The final entry deadline is November 3, 2022. To learn more, click here.