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NetworkPeninsula is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that supports more than 350 nonprofits across the Peninsula through continuing education, Board Training, networking, information sharing, and expanded outreach. Our programs are designed to help nonprofits build their capacity to remain sustainable and fulfill their missions effectively. 

FOR BUSINESS MEMBERS – Win-Win Opportunities! Our Partners receive a wide range of visibility through a multitude of venues, including our website, e-Newsletters, social media, monthly workshops, and our annual Forum. Our Reach is Your Reach because our programs, and your visibility as our Partner, reach across the Peninsula!

To learn more about all of our PARTNERSHIP opportunities, as well as available SPONSORSHIPS, and the value added benefits for each, click here. (To join as a nonprofit member, click here for details.)

To join as a Partner, select your Annual Partnership level below:

$600Network Partner

$1,200Featured Partner

$2,400Executive Partner


If you have questions or need additional information re: our Partnership and/or Sponsorship opportunities, please email or call us at 757-791-3008. Thank you!

*NetworkPeninsula is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, TAX ID#26-1250149.

“Communities only thrive when people with a heart for service get involved. But, much like caregivers, we often neglect to serve those in service. The power of NetworkPeninsula is that they support, grow, train, mentor and help the very nonprofits we rely on to keep our community healthy. Without them, who knows where we’d be.”           Stephanie Heinatz,Consociate Media Featured Partner

Hear how our nonprofit members benefit from membership with NetworkPeninsula!


By supporting NetworkPeninsula with your tax-deductible donation*, you are helping more than 350 local nonprofits gain access to community volunteers, affordable continuing education, trained Board members, networking events, fundraising opportunities, in-kind donations, grants research, a community-wide calendar to share upcoming events, and much more! In addition, your voluntary membership gives you the opportunity to stay up to date on the needs, news, and events of area nonprofits. (To join us as a Business Partner, click here.)

Thank you! The support of local businesses, individuals, and civic and faith-based groups in the community enables us to provide nonprofits with tools and training to fulfill their missions effectively; and to connect them to the community at large and to resources and opportunities to help them remain sustainable. 

NONPROFIT MEMBERSHIPS – We provide programs and services that will help strengthen your nonprofit, raise awareness about what you do, and connect you to new opportunities and resources in the community that will help you grow! Click here for registration information.