Preferred Provider Network

NetworkPeninsula / Preferred Provider Network

These providers have partnered with NetworkPeninsula to offer a discount and/or offer that is OVER AND ABOVE what they typically offer a nonprofit organization. This Network is available to members only as a benefit of membership. Please email us for the specific vendor code to access their individual discount/offer.

Keep checking back as we continue to add new providers to help your nonprofit organization obtain services and products at discounted rates!

$10 discount on hourly services for QuickBooks and/or 10% discount for bookkeeping or payroll services.

Complimentary 1-hour Strategy Session (once per year).
$50 off price of Annual Giving Cohort

$10 off any paid online training and/or 50% off price of registration to any Virtual Lab.
$20 off a Regular, Individual Membership.

VA Peninsula Media gives a 10 percent discount to nonprofits on all print advertising and a 5% discount on long-term online advertising.

For any member that has investments we will conduct a portfolio analysis and consultation free of charge. Typically valued at $4,500, this analysis
provides a high level overview of their current investment strategy which can uncover allocation/diversification issues as well as hidden fees which can
drastically reduce the portfolio performance over time.

One FREE hour of evaluation coaching.

15 % discount off total subscription and screening package with DonorSearch.

$0 Copays and NO Deductibles

  • Free virtual visits
  • No provider networks
  • Members will call or text the Care Logistics team when they need to see a doctor for care coordination.

Rates start at $125 per month for employees and nonprofits have the option to contribute to the employees premiums. To learn more, please email us.