Nonprofit Salary & Benefit Report

NetworkPeninsula / Nonprofit Salary & Benefit Report

In the fall of 2019, NetworkPeninsula conducted a salary and benefit survey of nonprofits serving the Virginia Peninsula. Nonprofit organizations were asked questions about their organization’s size and purpose, compensation of various positions and employee benefits.

The goal of this inaugural Report is to provide needed information to help local nonprofits remain competitive, able to attract, and retain, skilled nonprofit professionals to move their organizations forward. It is our hope that this Report serve as a benchmark for future Reports with even more nonprofits providing input in subsequent years.

The cost to access the Salary & Benefits Report is $79. Once payment is made below, you will receive an email with the access code to open the Report. (If you participated in the Survey, please email us with your access code.)

NetworkPeninsula would like to thank the organizations that participated in this survey. We are thankful to them for all they do every day to create needed change in our communities. Special thanks to Kristin Hatcher, of Kristin Hatcher Consulting, and volunteer from Catchafire, for analyzing the data collected and preparing this Report. We are grateful to the Williamsburg Health Foundation for partnering with Catchafire to enable local nonprofits to access skilled volunteers like Kristin for a multitude of projects.