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Food Delivery @ Berkley Village
On January 5th we will be serving again with the Virginia Peninsula Foodbank, delivering food to the residents of Berkley Village, a low-income apartment complex with many elderly residents.  CNU students have been a big help the past couple of months but are now home for the holidays so please consider coming out even just this once.  We need 15 volunteers for this project, so sign up today!

January Big Volunteer Day
Mark you calendars for our next Big Volunteer Day on January 9th.  Projects will include yard work, clearing overgrowth at Elmerton Cemetery in Hampton, and sorting goods at the Heart of Giving warehouse. Our ‘family friendly’ projects for this month are suitable for volunteers age 8 and up.

PORT Shelter Program
The PORT Winter Shelter Program is in need of volunteers most evenings from 6:30pm to 9:30pm now through March.  While we are working on plans for Serve the City Peninsula to be the “host” organization for 1 or 2 nights during the winter months, we want to encourage our volunteers to consider signing up directly with PORT for any evening or evenings they wish.

Elmerton Cemetery
We are starting back up our project to help restore Elmerton Cemetery in Hampton to a respectful state. Black education pioneer Mary Peake rests at Elmerton along with many Africans who were emancipated during our Civil War.