Thrift Store Donations

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Donation Dropoff and Pick Up
Our thrift store depends on your donations! Donations can be dropped off at Grace Village Thrift, 15730 Pocahontas Trail in Lanexa, on any day except Thursday. Click Find Out More to see the list if items we do not accept. There are volunteers on site Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday, 9 am – 3 pm, if you need help unloading. For large items, call or text the office to schedule a Tuesday pickup, (757) 741-5070.Who Knew?!!
Got a side table sitting around? Or a bookshelf? The smaller items are the best sellers when it comes to furniture. Many people love to refinish and bring them back to life.
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We do our very best to use everything that is donated and recycle what we cannot use. It is inevitable that some things have to go to the dump, but here is how we recycle donated items that don’t sell:

  • Clothing, purses, handbags, and other fabric products are donated to The Fix Ministry. Check them out at The Fix Ministry.
  • Glass is picked up by Rose, a local woman who uses it for her crafts, including the lovely window art donated to the Jenna Bash silent auction.
  • Shoes go to Tabb High School for their fundraising projects.
  • Electronics are picked up by a local man who uses the parts.
  • Scrap metal and cardboard is regularly taken to the James City County recycling center.
  • Odds and Ends go to Kevin C., who is faithful to take many items that are still sellable but just haven’t tickled the fancy of our customers. He often repurposes them into other creations.