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Lunches For The Homeless – June 27
We have partnered with LINK (the organization behind the PORT winter homeless shelter program) to keep kindness from being canceled by making lunches for the homeless.  There are four dates in June for which you can choose to volunteer to help make 100 bag lunches for the homeless.

Inventory for Fear2Freedom – June 30th
One of the ways we show kindness is to help support other non-profits.  So, we have partnered with Fear2Freedom (an organization that supports survivors of sexual violence) to help them with their annual inventory. Helping with this inventory is extremely important for confirming they have enough supplies to provide AfterCare and iCare Kits to the survivors who need them.

Please register for these events online at www.STCnewportnews.com/volunteer


Big Volunteer Week – July 7th-11th

July 7-11, 8:30am to 12:30pm
Our 4th Big Volunteer Week is just 2 weeks away!!

Things could change based on what restrictions are in place come July but right now we are planning on doing many of our usual summer projects like minor home repair and yard work plus some new projects with new friends we have made during the crisis.  For all projects we will be working to maximize the health safety of our volunteers and those we come in contact with.

To help us plan and take adequate health precautions please register online at bit.ly/bvw2020 today.  You will also find additional details at this link.  And please bring a friend but be sure to have them sign up online also.

So, come join the fun and show the Peninsula that kindness has not been canceled.

Tentative Project Schedule (subject to change):

  • Tuesday- Debris clearing, Yard work, Minor home repairs, Writing cards
  • Wednesday- Painting, Yard work, Minor home repairs, Assemble shed, Packing @Food Bank, Writing cards
  • Thursday- Painting, Yard work, Minor home repairs, Packing @Food Bank, Packing lunches for the homeless, Writing cards
  • Friday- Painting, Minor home repairs, Packing @Fear to Freedom, Making “birthday” boxes, Cleaning playground equipment, Writing cards
  • Saturday- Painting, Yard work, Minor home repairs, Writing cards, Organize tool trailer