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Youth Advisory Board
– Youth Volunteer Corps of Hampton Roads – The Youth Advisory Board is a group of nominated youth volunteers who represent all of our YVC youth. Each YAB member has demonstrated hard work, enthusiasm, and commitment to YVC’s service ethic, making them more than capable to lead our youth. YAB meets each month to get to know each other, build teamwork and leadership skills, and to better understand issues facing the Hampton Roads community. Most importantly, YAB aids YVC in creating a program that excites and motivates the Hampton Roads youth! To learn more, click here.

Project Discovery WJCC Community Action Agency – Project Discovery is an after school educational outreach program whose mission is to encourage students to begin exploring their post-secondary options as early as possible. This is done via weekly workshops, career presentations by professionals in the community, field trips to colleges within and out of the state of Virginia, and exposure to culturally enriching activities. Project Discovery is committed to educating your child about college and career options, but more importantly, helping them to understand the importance of planning today for a brighter tomorrow. To learn more, click here or contact Linda or Yvonne at 757-229-9332.

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